Seriously, THE BEST VALUE For Family Learning

Elementary Family Literacy offers the best value in family learning. Pay only once and help your children learn until they master reading and writing. Parent advice videos show you the way.

START LEARNING NOW Pay once and own it for Life!!!

Elementary Family Literacy Software

  • The most effective approach
  • Own don't rent
  • Quality time with your children
  • Videos to help parents
  • Helps your child do better in school
  • Affordable
  • The most activities
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Learning, not just entertainment
  • Includes adult literacy, too

What our Customers are saying about us?

At Home
"I spent ten minutes helping my Kindergarten son get started with Elementary Family Literacy. I checked in with him every-now-and-then, watching what he was doing and answering his questions. After an hour and half, he was still engaged and smiling at his progress. That's the most productive ten minutes I ever spent with him."
Max, parent
At School
"Best thing I have bought for my teachers in years. It did exactly what you said and was so easy to implement. My teachers loved it. My special ed kids absolutely went crazy with it."
Robert,school principal

The Most Effective Approach

  • Elementary Family Literacy uses methods proven by research to work best for mastering reading and writing skills.
  • These methods make up our system, which puts learners in control, so they learn to make the best decisions based on what they've learned. This is the number one skill called for by employers today.
  • Shared logins increase engagement and provide opportunities for learners to talk about what they are learning. This is a method proven to aid children in mastering skills needed later in life for college, work, and adult life.

Own Don't Rent

  • Everybody wants to own a home instead of renting. It costs less in the long term. The Family Learning company gives you this option for your child's education.
  • Now, you can own your license to use learning software instead of renting it by the month. Pay once and you're done, saving you money, while ensuring that your child's education isn't derailed.

The Best Value for Family Learning

Elementary Family Literacy offers the best value to help families learn together. Here are eight more ways that you get more for your money with The Family Learning Company:

Helps You Spend Quality Time With Your Children

Elementary Family Literacy has three login fields, and it asks you to login and learn together. Why? Because learning together is more fun! Because learning together works better. Because kids want their parents' attention, and if their parents will login to Elementary Family Literacy with them, they'll want to do it. And, their parents will be giving them the gift of reading and writing!

Videos To Help Parents Help Their Children

Elementary Family Literacy isn't just for children. It also includes dozens of videos to help parents learn how to help their children more effectively. No matter where you are in the system, there is always a video just one click away that will share ideas about what to do right then, right there.

The Most Activities

Many educational mobile apps include only 5 or 10 learning activities, and complete programs may include only 90 or 100. Elementary Family Literacy includes over 5,000 learning activities for children and adults, in English and in Spanish, to ensure that everybody learns every skill they need.

Click Or Tap The Thumbnails Below To See The Learning Activities.

Helps Your Child Do Better In School

  • What's the number one thing that will help your child live a better life? Success in school and graduating from college! 
  • How will they get there? Become a better reader and a better writer!
  • With Elementary Family Literacy, they can learn every basic reading and writing skill they need, so they're ready for advanced work, ready for good grades, and ready for college!


  • These days, most programs are available by subscription, which can cost over $100 per year, per child.
  • You buy Elementary Family Literacy only once. Not only this, Elementary Family Literacy isn't restricted to one child - up to four children and two adults have access for the same single payment of . We want to ensure that once you and your child start begin the journey of Family Learning, that you don't have any reason to turn back.

Learning, Not Just Entertainment

Most of the things you do online these days are fun. Video games, YouTube videos, reading comics, listening to jokes – it's all fun. But there's more to life than just being entertained. Life is about learning. And Elementary Family Literacy will help you and your children learn, and you'll love to do it together!

Includes Adult Literacy, Too

Learning isn't just for kids. Adults can improve their reading and writing too. Elementary Family Literacy includes a complete adult program: Reading Skills for Today's Adults. Using proven texts and instruction methods, Reading Skills for Today's Adults provides the private, safe environment for adults to catch up and get ahead in reading and writing.

Guarantee Sign

Money-Back Guarantee

We're asking for some of your hard-earned money. So, we'll offer you a guarantee. If you don't feel that Elementary Family Literacy is helping your family, turn it off within 60 days. We'll refund your money.